Holy Trinity, Fairfax
Reformed Episcopal Church

Ash Wednesday

We will be meeting at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church (4325 Chain Bridge Road,Fairfax, VA 22031) in Fairfax at 7:15 PM for our Ash Wednesday service. This service marks the beginning of Lent. We hope that you can join us!

Here are some of the disciplines our parish is taking on this Lenten season:

Scripture Reading Schedule

This year we will read through most of the Four Gospels in Lent; on Wednesday nights and Sunday nights our teaching will focus on the Gospels. You can refer to the bottom of the page for a reading schedule.


Commit yourself to faithful prayer during the Lenten season. Take 5 minutes on your lunch break every day to pray for our parish—specifically, for least one other family or member of the parish, by name. Also, spend time every day praying for someone you know who isn’t a Christian, that they might come to know Jesus.

Use the Daily Office and/or Family Prayer to guide you.

Fasting and Abstinence

Please make use of fasting (either entirely or partially) from a significant thing in your life, to provide space for prayer and funds for giving. Ideas include particular foods (sweets, meat, alcohol) or occupations (social media, entertainments).


We are joining with the whole REC as a part of the REC 100 Program to ask every adult member to give $100 to a special fund for domestic missions and Parish planting. Please refer to the brochure for more information on this campaign. In addition, make an effort to give sacrificially to the poor. For example, you can give to local ministries like the Lamb Center, or ministries throughout the country at matthew25i.org (such as St. Lazarus Mission in Ohio, or to the Church Army).

Ash Wednesday, March 6—St. Matthew 1-3

March 7—St. Matthew 4-6

March 8—St. Matthew 7-9

March 9—St. Matthew 10-12

1st Sunday in Lent—Break/catch up.

March 11—St. Matthew 13-15

March 12—St. Matthew 16-18

March 13 (Ember Day)—St. Matthew 19-20

March 14—St.  Matthew 21-22

March 15 (Ember Day)—St. Matthew 23-24

March 16 (Ember Day)—St. Matthew 25-26

2nd Sunday in Lent—Break/catch up.

March 18—St. Mark 1-3

March 19—St. Mark 4-6

March 20—St. Mark 7-8

March 21—St. Mark 9-11

March 22—St. Mark 12-13

March 23—St. Luke 1-2

3rd Sunday in Lent—Break/catch up.

March 25—St. Luke 3-4

March 26—St. Luke 5-6

March 27—St. Luke 7-8

March 28—St. Luke 9-10

March 29—St. Luke 11-12

March 30—St. Luke 13-15

4th Sunday in Lent—Break/catch up.

April 1—St. Luke 16-17

April 2—St. Luke 18-19

April 3—St. Luke 20-21

April 4—St. John 1-2

April 5—St. John 3-4

April 6—St. John 5-6

Passion Sunday—Break/catch up.

April 8—St. John 7-8

April 9—St. John 9-10

April 10—St. John 11-12

April 11—St. John 13-14

April 12—St. John 15-16

April 13—St. John 17-18

Palm Sunday—Break/catch up.

Holy Week—Read the Propers (the Gospel lesson in the Prayer Book, specifically) appointed for each day.